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Thomas Cup 2024 – Time to End the Big 8 Curse, Indonesia Targets Champion Title

Thomas Cup 2024 - Time to End the Big 8 Curse, Indonesia Targets Champion Title

Positive momentum is a stepping stone for the Indonesian men’s badminton team to achieve success in the 2024 Thomas Cup.

The 2024 Thomas Cup indeed presents an opportunity for the Indonesian men’s team to rise from adversity.

In the last two performances in the team event, the deadlock in performance that was experienced was represented by results that were no less sad.

Indonesia failed to bring home medals at the 2022 Asian Games and 2024 Asian Team Championships because they stopped in the last eight.

The defeat at the 2022 Asian Games was more painful because the Red and White team, which had the best strength, was eliminated by the underdog team, South Korea, with a score of 1-3.

The defeat of the men’s doubles by Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto and the men’s singles by Jonatan Christie meant that Indonesia left behind and was unable to recover.

Interestingly, it is from these two representatives that the Indonesian men’s team is now hoping for good luck.

Jonatan Christie is most anticipated because of his success in becoming back-to-back champions in two prestigious events, namely the All England Open and the Asian Championship.

Meanwhile, Fajar/Rian finally broke their one-year championship drought with a second trophy at the All England Open.

Secretary General of PBSI , M. Fadil Imran, hopes that the good trend can be maintained. He said this when sending off the Indonesian team’s departure on Tuesday (23/4/2024) to Chengdu, China.

“Thomas and Uber Cup are team championships. The atmosphere is somewhat different from previous individual tournaments,” said Fadil in a press release from PBSI .

“The spirit of togetherness must be built stronger. However, don’t let togetherness become a burden.”

“The positive momentum since the All England must be kept alive until the Paris Olympics. Thomas and Uber are important because they will influence the position in the drawing.”

For your information, points from the Thomas and Uber Cup are taken from the average world ranking points of the players plus the division of the total ranking points of the highest opponents defeated by 100.

This means that the more elite opponents they can beat, the higher the points they will achieve to improve their position in the world ranking.

In the Thomas Indonesia team this time there are 3 representatives preparing for the Paris Olympics, namely Ginting, Jonatan, and Fajar/Rian.

Appearing in the crucial first three matches, they will be the main focus for matches against top teams.

The champion target was set by the Head of the PP PBSI Achievement Development Division , Ricky Soebagdja, who also serves as deputy manager of the 2024 Paris Olympic Ad Hoc Team.

“We are champions in 2020 and runners-up in 2022. Hopefully this year we can bring the Thomas Cup back to Indonesia,” said Ricky.

“Syaratnya, teman-teman atlet harus benar-benar dalam kondisi yang prima dan tampil spartan. Kita berada di grup dengan kekuatan yang merata, yakni India, Inggris, dan Thailand.”

“Kita harus punya strategi yang tepat pada masing-masing nomor,” sambung mantan pemain yang ikut membawa Indonesia merebut empat gelar Thomas Cup berturut-turut pada 1994-2000.

Indonesia masih menjadi tim tersukses dalam sejarah Thomas Cup dengan catatan 14 gelar yang terakhir kali diraih pada edisi 2020 yang ditunda setahun karena Covid-19.

Thomas dan Uber Cup 2024 akan diselenggarakan di High-tech Zone Sports Center Gymnasium, Chengdu, China, pada 27 April – 5 Mei 2024.

Indonesia tergabung di Grup C Thomas Cup 2024 bersama juara bertahan India, Thailand, dan Inggris.


Pemain Rank (Sektor)*
Anthony Sinisuka Ginting #3 (MS)
Jonatan Christie #5 (MS)
Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo #29 (MS)
Alwi Farhan #62 (MS)
Fajar Alfian #7 (MD)
Muhammad Rian Ardianto #7 (MD)
Muhammad Shohibul Fikri #8 (MD)
Bagas Maulana #8 (MD)
Leo Rolly Carnando #13 (MD)
Daniel Marthin #13 (MD)

*) peringkat permain berdasarkan ranking dunia BWF pekan ke-15 (9/4/2024) yang menjadi acuan untuk penentuan order of play.

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