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2024 Thomas Cup Results – Marked by Incidents That Have a Flood Effect, Anthony Ginting Falls, Indonesia 0-1 India

2024 Thomas Cup Results - Marked by Incidents That Have a Flood Effect, Anthony Ginting Falls, Indonesia 0-1 India

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting lost against HS Prannoy in the 2024 Thomas Cup group C phase and left Indonesia 0-1 behind India .

Anthony Ginting’s typical tactical and fast game had to be anti-climactic after he failed to suppress the rise of Prannoy Hi-Tech Zone Sports Center Gymnasium, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Wednesday (1/5/2024).

Appearing in the first match, Ginting actually had a big lead and won easily in the opening game.

However, his own mistake which recurred from the 2024 All England Open runner-up blow caused him to suffer losses until he was forced into a rubber game.

In the third game which was decisive, there was an incident where Ginting was seen accidentally making a double hit which was considered a fault. 

Prannoy protested loudly, but the umpire did not see what happened and Ginting remained silent.

However, the service judge who knew about the incident immediately confirmed Ginting’s fault and the umpire changed his decision to give Prannoy a point.

Since that incident, Ginting started to be flooded with errors and was overtaken until he fell behind from 7-3 to 9-11.

The match became increasingly pressing for Ginting’s side until the world number 7 player lost with a final score of 21-13, 12-21, 12-21 and left Indonesia currently 0-1 behind India as the defending champion.

Indonesia is temporarily 0-1 behind India as the defending champion in the match that determines the position of winner of this group.

Ginting immediately promoted the step-on gas mode from the first game.

Playing cleanly and with minimal errors was the key to Ginting’s success in mastering the game in the first game.

The sharp attack and tight defense made Prannoy frustrated himself. Ginting was very far ahead from 6-1, 10-3 to 11-4.

After the interval, Ginting’s dominance became increasingly unstoppable.

There was a long rally, but Prannoy got points because Ginting’s netting failed. Ginting still leads 13-5.

Prannoy tried to slow down the tempo by playing more netting and forward play. Ginting was still stuck at 13 when Prannoy added another point 13-6.

The return of serve in the form of a feint towards the baseline cut off Prannoy’s score. Ginting increased his lead to 15-6.

Ginting started making frequent mistakes in the front area even though his balance was maintained.

Ginting even made a service error when the shuttlecock he released crossed the doubles line.

Most of the points that Prannoy got at the end of the first game were Ginting’s mistakes.

Fortunately, Ginting immediately returned to focus. His magical punches and wall defenses appeared again and led him to victory in the first game.

Entering the second game, Prannoy’s push towards Ginting’s backhand always went wide. Prannoy’s mistake gave the Indonesian representatives a quick lead of 0-3.

However, Ginting’s four unforced errors in a row meant he was behind 3-4.

Ginting had time to stick to the score until 8-9, but his own mistake gave Prannoy the upper hand and led 11-9.

After the interval, the point gap widened further with Ginting trailing 9-13.

Ginting’s consecutive netting errors made him lose even more, even his sharp smash hit the net, until finally the second game went to Prannoy with a score of 12-21.

Ginting actually started the third game well when he was able to lead 7-3.

However, there was a moment when Ginting’s netting return was clearly visible as a double hit but the umpire didn’t know about it.

Prannoy protested, Ginting just remained silent and did not acknowledge his mistake.

The service judge who knew about the incident informed the referee and points were awarded to Prannoy.

Since then, Ginting has played carelessly until he was overtaken and fell behind 9-11.

After the break, Ginting’s game really got more and more problematic, many of his shots were inaccurate and often went wide.

Ginting is increasingly behind 9-13. He couldn’t get out of the pressure and played increasingly recklessly. Even easy shots are anticipated with error.

This player from Cimahi could only add three more points from the interval until finally losing 12-21.

THOMAS CUP 2024 RESULTS ,  Wednesday (1/5/2024)*

Group C: Indonesia 0 vs 1 India

  1. MS1 – Anthony Sinisuka Ginting vs HS Prannoy: 21-13, 12-21, 12-21 (0-1)
  2. MD1 – Muhammad Shohibul Fikri/Bagas Maulana vs Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/Chirag Shetty
  3. MS2 – Jonathan Christie vs Lakshya Sen
  4. MD2 – Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Marthin vs Dhruv Kapila/Sai Pratheek.K
  5. MS3 – Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo vs Kidambi Srikanth

*) the match is still ongoing

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