German Open 2024 Badminton Semifinal Results Today, Indonesian Representatives Continue Fasting for Titles

German Open 2024 Badminton Semifinal Results Today, Indonesian Representatives Continue Fasting for Titles

Indonesia’s mixed doubles hopes of appearing in the final were dashed after Rehan/Lisa surrendered to South Korean representatives, Kim Won-ho/Jeong Na-eun in the match which took place on Sunday, March 3 2024, early this morning.

Playing at the Westenergie Sporthalle, Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany, Rehan/Lisa lost with a striking score of points in two straight games with a score of 5-21, 14-21.

This result continues Indonesia’s fast for the title of representative throughout early 2024.

Match summary

Sharing double points at the start of the first game, Rehan/Lisa were overwhelmed by the attacks launched by Kim/Jeong.

The South Korean pair immediately stepped on the gas and won a total of eight points in a row.

Not only from the second seed’s attack, Rehan/Lisa’s position became even more difficult after making their own mistakes.

Having achieved one point, Rehan/Lisa had to lose in the first interval with a landslide score of 3-11.

After the break, Kim/Jeong immediately scored two points in a row to leave the seventh seeded pair behind.

Rehan/Lisa showed resistance to close the gap with the mixed doubles ranked seventh in the world.

However, Rehan/Lisa still couldn’t do much to stop Kim/Jeong’s attack after attack.

Without any significant difficulties, Kim/Jeong ended Rehan/Lisa’s resistance in the first game with a landslide score of 21-5.

The second game got under way, the pair ranked 16th in the world immediately opened the scoring, although not long after Kim/Jeong equalized the score.

The two pairs took turns scoring points and shared the score three times.

Kim/Jeong started to take over the momentum with four consecutive points.

As a result, Rehan/Lisa were left helpless and closed the second interval trailing 6-11.

After the break, Kim/Jeong’s dominance had not completely subsided, they again got two points in a row to stay away.

On the other hand, efforts continued to be made by Rehan/Lisa who were finally able to get three points in a row to catch up.

Having faltered again, Rehan/Lisa spread a threat for the second time by scoring three consecutive points.

Rehan/Lisa finally had to surrender in the second game to Kim/Jeong with a score of 21-14.

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