The Progress of Hendra Tandjaya, Indonesian Badminton Athlete Who Was Sentenced to Life by BWF

The Progress of Hendra Tandjaya, Indonesian Badminton Athlete Who Was Sentenced to Life by BWF

Hendra Tandjaya is one of the Indonesian badminton athletes who was banned for life by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) because of the match fixing scandal . The man who was born on July 20 1998 is an Indonesian badminton player who plays in the doubles sector.

Hendra started his first international tournament at the 2014 Jaya Raya Indonesia International Challenge paired with Rizal Ramdani in the men’s doubles sector. In the 2015 season, Hendra changed partners, starting from Viky Anindita, Henry Jansen Putra Wibowo, to Michael Henry, but the results did not match expectations.

He also tried his luck by playing mixed doubles with Monica Intan Tutiharta. However, he has not yet reaped good results in the 2015 season. After a long journey, the 2017 New Zealand Open was his last appearance after he was eliminated in the last 32 when he was paired with Sekartaji Putri.

Not long after, his name suddenly appeared to the public, but not because of his achievements. He and seven other badminton players were declared involved in match fixing or gambling. They are Ivandi Danang, Androw Yunanto, Sekartaji Putri, Mia Mawarti, Fadila Afni, Aditiya Dwiantoro, and Agripinna Prima.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) imposes various sanctions on each of these individuals. But Hendra, Ivandi and Androw were sentenced to a lifetime ban from competing and carrying out any activities related to badminton. The punishment takes effect as of January 18 2021.

At a very young age, Hendra and two other names, had to bury their dreams of a career in badminton because of their own actions. Apart from these sanctions, they also have to pay a fine to BWF amounting to 12,000 US dollars for the mistakes they made.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has imposed heavy sanctions, up to life imprisonment, on eight Indonesian players for being involved in betting and match fixing cases.

Quoted from the official BWF website, Sunday (31/3/2024), as reported by Antara , the eight Indonesian badminton players are Hendra Tandjaya (men’s doubles, mixed doubles), Ivandi Danang (men’s doubles, mixed doubles), Androw Yunanto (singles and men’s doubles), Sekartaji Putri (women’s singles, mixed doubles), Mia Mawarti (women’s singles and doubles), Fadilla Afni (mixed doubles), Aditiya Dwiantoro (men’s doubles), and Agriprinna Prima Rahmanto Putra (men’s singles, men’s doubles and mixture).

Meanwhile, Hendra Tandjaya, Ivandi Danang, and Androw Yunanto were sentenced to not be able to be involved in badminton activities for life.

Meanwhile, Sekartaji Putri was prohibited from participating in activities in the world of tepok bulu until January 18 2032. She was also fined 12,000 US dollars.

Then, Mia Mawarti and Fadilla Afni were given the sanction of not being able to take part in any badminton activities until January 18 2030 and a fine of 10,000 US dollars.

Furthermore, Aditiya Dwiantoro was banned from participating in badminton until 2027 and fined US $7,000, while Agripinna Prima Rahmanto Putra was sentenced to not be allowed to participate in badminton activities until January 18 2026 and fined US $3,000.

This BWF sanction is a follow-up to the accusations leveled at the relevant players in 2021.

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