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Indonesian Women’s Singles Representative is Still One at the Olympics, Gregoria is Not Pressured

Indonesian Women's Singles Representative is Still One at the Olympics, Gregoria is Not Pressured

Women’s singles badminton player, Gregoria Mariska Tunjung will appear at the 2024 Paris Olympics , 26 July-11 August.

For Gregoria, this is her second Olympics after previously qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which were held in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 2017 World Junior Champion confirmed his move to the Paris Olympics after the 2024 Asian Championships which were held in Ningbo, China, April 9-14.

“I am relieved because the Olympic qualification process has been completed. Since 2021 I have been looking at myself in 2024, it feels like it will be difficult (to qualify),” said Gregoria to the media, including

“What I mean is, it’s not that it’s difficult to achieve, but rather that the path will be difficult because at that time I wasn’t in a good mental condition and had lost confidence.”

“So, when I have qualified now with the results of previous tournaments, I am quite grateful.”

“The tough things I imagined in 2021 turned out to be something I could get through,” said the player who is familiarly called Jorji.

Gregoria said that he appreciated the process of being able to qualify for the world’s biggest summer multievent.

“I appreciate the process, because when I played for the Olympics (2020) I felt I qualified because of the ranking alone, not because I played well,” said the 24 year old player.

“Maybe because it was cut short by the pandemic too. I haven’t competed in almost a year, but I went straight to the Olympics. So I feel like I’m not satisfied.”

Regarding the pressure of facing the Olympics in the presence of spectators, Gregoria wanted to ask for lots of references from her seniors.

The reason is, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics the games were held without spectators due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Honestly, I have to ask other players who have performed with large audiences,” admitted Gregoria.

“As prepared as I am, there will definitely be situations that may have to be adjusted in response to the Olympics.”

“Maybe I will try sharing with my friends, my burdens and my thoughts with my senior brothers and sisters.”

Being the only Indonesian women’s singles representative at the Olympics, Gregoria did not feel pressured.

From the 2020 edition, there is actually no pressure (in women’s singles). But now it will definitely be different because I am already in the top 10,” said Gregoria.

“Never mind anyone else, I myself want to at least win a medal there”

Before the Olympics, Gregoria is preparing to appear in the 2024 Thomas Cup and 2024 Uber Cup in Chengdu, China, April 27-May 5.

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