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Indonesia Confronted by Mysterious Thai Squad, Uber Team May Field Coating Squad Against Uganda

Indonesia Confronted by Mysterious Thai Squad, Uber Team May Field Coating Squad Against Uganda – Third day of the 2024 Thomas and Uber Cup schedule , the second match of the Indonesian team’s group stage will be a test of the opponent’s mysterious strength. 

After having a one-day rest break, the Thomas and Uber Indonesia teams will return to action on the third day of the tournament on Monday (29/4/2024) at the Hi-Tech Zone Sports Center Gymnasium, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Both the men’s team and the Red and White women’s team will compete in the second match of the Group C preliminary round.

In Group C of the 2024 Thomas Cup, Indonesia has bagged a 5-0 victory over England and will play their second duel against Thailand.

Meeting Thailand is the same as meeting a mysterious squad for Fajar Alfian et al.

The reason is, the Thomas Cup Thailand team brought to this year’s edition contains many young players and debutants.

The most experienced is Kunlavut Vitidsarn, the 2023 World Champion. The rest, the White Elephant Country squad brings fresh ammunition and this could be a tricky thing for Indonesia because they are blind to the opponent’s strength.

In the second and third singles, the names Pantichapon Teeraratsakul and Saran Jamsri were clearly very foreign to Jonatan Christie.

The ones who have met the most are Chico and Jamsri once in 2018, and Alwi and Panitchapon at the 2023 World Junior Championships.

Considering the order of players, Chico will likely be used as the third single at the Indonesia vs Thailand meeting, and Alwi will be kept.

Meanwhile, in men’s doubles, Indonesia has to be really careful because even though Thailand doesn’t have the best pair like Supak Jomkoh/Kittinupong Kedren, they have Pakkapon Sukphun/Peeratchai Teeraratsakul.

Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto once had problems with the couple. Meanwhile, Muhammad Shohibul Fikri/Bagas Maulana actually lost.

“Indeed, Thailand’s best men’s doubles team, Supak (Jomkoh)/(Kittinupong) Kedren, were not included, but those who have come now in terms of their game are quite good, especially the no-lob balls and their net-front play,” said Aryono Miranat as Head of PBSI Men’s Doubles Coach.

“The proof is that yesterday the Indian pair were forced to play three games by their first doubles. Fajar/Rian were made trouble at the 2023 Asian Games and even beat Bagas/Fikri at the 2023 SEA Games,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Uber Indonesia team today will also play their second group phase match against Uganda.

It is very likely that, because in terms of the strength map the Indonesian team is superior, the line-up of players that will be fielded will be a cover squad to provide opportunities to play for those who have not yet played.

“In the Uber team, on paper we are superior to Uganda, but we still can’t be careless, we can’t underestimate it because on the field anything can happen. For the team composition, it’s possible that those who haven’t played will be played,” said the Head of the PBSI Binpres, Ricky Soebagdja.

Starting from the third day of the competition, the match schedule will only have two sessions, namely the morning session and the afternoon session.


08.30 WIB

  • Court 1 – Uber Cup Group C: Japan vs Hong Kong
  • Court 2 – Thomas Cup Group C: Indonesia vs Thailand
  • Court 3 – Thomas Cup Group C: India vs England
  • Court 4 – Uber Cup Grup B: Taiwan vs Australia

16.00 WIB

  • Court 1 – Thomas Cup Group B: Japan vs Germany
  • Court 2 – Uber Cup Group B: Thailand vs Malaysia
  • Court 3 – Thomas Cup Group B: Taiwan vs Philippines
  • Court 4 – Uber Cup Group C: Indonesia vs Uganda

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