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2024 Thomas Cup Results – Having been late in the heat, Jonatan Christie ensures Indonesia’s victory over England

2024 Thomas Cup Results - Having been late in the heat, Jonatan Christie ensures Indonesia's victory over England

Men’s singles badminton player, Jonatan Christie, ensured Indonesia’s victory over England in the first qualifying match for the 2024 Thomas Cup .

Against Nadeem Dalvi, Jonathan won in two straight games 21-16, 21-12 in the match which took place at the Hi-Tech Zone Sport Center, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Saturday (27/4/2024).

The course of the match.

Dalvi led at the start of the first game, 3-1. Jonathan then closed to 2-3 after Jonathan’s return was not returned by Dalvi.

Jonathan’s challenge managed to bring the score back to a 3-3 draw. Dalvi leads again 4-3.

Both players then take turns scoring 5-5 points. Dalvi scored two straight points to lead 7-5.

Jonathan then closed at 6-7, but Dalvi opened the gap again 8-6. Jonathan launched a smash that Dalvi couldn’t stop until it was close to 7-8.

After that, Dalvi moved away until the interval 11-9.

After the interval break, Jonatan slowly balanced the position at 12-12. Dalvi was able to get away again, but Dalvi’s return that stuck in the net made the score tied at 13-13.

After that, Jonathan turned to lead 15-13. However, Jonathan’s shuttlecock return that came out brought Dalvi closer to 14-15.

Jonathan responded with the next two points to take a 17-14 lead.

After that, Jonathan took control of the game and made sure the game was his.

Armed with victory in the second game, Jonathan immediately took a two point lead.

Dalvi closed 1-2, but Jonathan scored the next five points to take a 7-1 lead.

Jonathan’s mistake made Dalvi add 2-7 points, but Jonathan responded with the next point to make it 8-2.

Dalvi had time to add one point. However, Jonathan immediately shot off with the next three points and was ahead at the interval 11-3.

After the interval, Jonathan scored the next two points to make it 13-3.

Dalvi came closer to 4-13, but Jonathan made up for it by moving away 15-4.

Dalvi tried to catch up 5-15. However, this condition did not last long after Jonathan opened the gap 16-5.

Jonathan’s failed challenge gave Dalvi a score of 6-16.

Jonathan responded with a narrow net of 17-6. Jonathan then won 18-6.

Dalvi scored four straight points to close to 10-18. Jonathan continued his 19-10 lead until match point 20-10.

Dalvi slowly added numbers 12-20. However, Jonathan quickly returned to focus and touched the number 21 first.

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