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2024 Thomas Cup Final Results – Anthony Ginting Given Africa’s Score by the Most Difficult Enemy in the Second Game, Indonesia Lags Behind China

2024 Thomas Cup Final Results - Anthony Ginting Given Africa's Score by the Most Difficult Enemy in the Second Game, Indonesia Lags Behind China

Men’s singles, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, failed to score a win when he played in the first match of the 2024 Thomas Cup final.

The Indonesian team will play the 2024 Thomas Cup final by meeting hosts China, Sunday (5/5/2024) at the Hi-Tech Zone Sports Center Gymnasium, Chengdu.

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting took part in the first match to face Shi Yu Qi , who was one of his most difficult opponents.

Colored by an African score, aka a very crushing score in the second game, Anthony lost two straight games 21-17, 21-6 in 43 minutes.

With this, Shi Yu Qi is increasingly dominant when he meets Anthony on the field, having recorded nine wins from a total of 11 matches.

For the time being, Indonesia is 0-1 behind China in the 2024 Thomas Cup Final.

The course of the match

At the start of the first game, Shi Yu Qi and Anthony took turns making mistakes where their shots hit the net.

Sharing four points, Shi Yu Qi took the lead to three points after Anthony’s shot landed off the court.

The player from Cimahi, West Java was overwhelmed by Shi Yu Qi’s cross smashes .

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting showed resistance by scoring two consecutive points before Shi finally took the interval with an 11-7 lead.

After the break, Anthony tried to catch up by attacking the edge of the net, but this did not bear fruit.

The player ranked second in the world really showed a solid performance both in attack and defense.

However, Anthony continued to show resistance by holding long rallies which finally resulted in the third point in a row.

Anthony’s accurate jump smash provided momentum for Indonesia which cut the margin point to two points.

The first game stopped in Shi Yu Qi’s favor after his cross hit knocked Anthony off his feet.

Taking advantage of Anthony’s mistake, Shi Yu Qi immediately opened the scoring first at the start of the second game.

Shi Yu Qi did not give the world ranked seventh player any room to develop his game.

Shi Yu Qi’s scoring rate was unstoppable, he scored 10 consecutive points to close the second interval with a landslide score of 11-1.

After the break, mistakes from Anthony made the world’s second-ranked men’s singles further away.

Attack after attack from Shi Yu Qi really made Anthony’s playing pattern not work.

Covering from all sides of the field was shown by Shi who succeeded in draining Anthony’s energy when the match entered the old points.

The match ended in Shi Yu Qi’s favor after Anthony failed to land a dropshot accurately.

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