Waiting For PBSI’s Promise to Save the Face of Indonesian Badminton, the 2024 French Open is Proof

Waiting For PBSI's Promise to Save the Face of Indonesian Badminton, the 2024 French Open is Proof

Indonesian badminton lovers certainly hope that the promises previously made by PBSI will be realized .

Yes, PBSI has promised to work hard this season as a result of the failure of Fajar Alfian/Rian Ardianto et al in the 2023 BWF World Tour Finals .

It is clear from memory that Indonesia’s badminton achievements throughout 2023 have not been satisfactory.

In fact, no one was able to penetrate the final of the BWF World Tour Finals , which is the end-of-season tournament.

The minor results of Fajar/Rian and colleagues have also been recognized by Rionny Mainaky as former Head of Development and Achievement Division (Kabid Binpres) PBSI .

While still serving as Head of the PBSI Binpres , Rionny once promised that his party would carry out an evaluation for the medal target at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

“As Head of Binpres, I will work extra hard to prepare the athletes who will take part in next year’s championship. This requires teamwork from various parties to support the target, namely winning a medal at the 2024 Olympics in Paris,” said Rionny, quoted from the official PBSI website.


However, the promises made by Rionny have not yet produced real results.

During Rionny’s tenure, Indonesian badminton athletes were only able to win one title at the 2024 BWF World Tour .

The only BWF World Tour title this year was contributed by Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Marthin who won the 2024 Indonesia Masters.

After that, Leo/Daniel CS actually experienced a title drought.

And currently, Rionny’s position has been replaced by Ricky Soebagdja, as of February 21 2024.

Meanwhile, Rionny has a new task to prepare Indonesian athletes for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Under the auspices of Ricky, Indonesian badminton athletes are again fasting for a title when playing the 2024 German Open.

Rehan Naufal Kusharjanto/Lisa Ayu Kusumawati, who were Indonesia’s only hope, failed to advance to the final after losing to the South Korean pair, Kim Won-ho/Jeong Na-eun, Sunday (3/3/2024) early morning WIB.

It is hoped that Ricky can realize the promise that Rionny made in the nearest tournament, namely the 2024 French Open.

As if it were a proving ground, Indonesian badminton lovers are definitely waiting for Rehan/Lisa CS to win the title at the 2024 French Open.

It is known that the 2024 French Open is a BWF World Tour Super 750 event which will take place next week, March 5-10 to be precise.

Drawing results for Indonesian representatives at the 2024 French Open

Men’s singles

1. Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (Indonesia/5) vs Weng Hong Yang (China)

2. Jonatan Christie (Indonesia) vs Wang Tzu Wei (Taiwan)

3. Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo (Indonesia) vs Kodai Naraoka (Japan/6)

Women’s singles 

1. Gregoria Mariska Tunjung (Indonesia/7) vs Kim Ga Eun (South Korea)

Men’s doubles

1. Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto (Indonesia/7) vs Ben Lane/Sean Vendy (England)

2. Bagas Maulana/Muhammad Shohibul Fikri (Indonesia) vs Lee Jhe-Huei/Yang Po-Hsuan (Taiwan)


3. Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Marthin (Indonesia) vs Lu Ching Yao/Yang Po Han (Taiwan)

4. Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan (Indonesia) vs Lucas Corvee/Ronan Labar (France)

Women’s doubles 

1. Apriyani Rahayu/Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti (Indonesia) vs Kim So Yeong/Kong Hee Yong (South Korea/3)

2. Meilysa Trias Puspitasari/Rachel Allessya Rose (Indonesia) vs Baek Ha Na/Lee So Hee (South Korea/2)

Mixed doubles

1. Dejan Ferdinansyah/Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja (Indonesia) vs Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Lohau (Germany)

2. Rinov Rivaldy/Pitha Haningtyas Mentari (Indonesia) vs Yuki Kaneko/Misaki Matsutomo (Japan)

3. Rehan Naufal Kusharjanto/Lisa Ayu Kusumawati (Indonesia) vs Yuta Watanabe/Arisa Higashino (Japan/2)



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