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Uber Cup 2024 Final Results: Colored by African Score, Fadia/Ribka Defeat over Chen/Jia, Indonesia 0-2 China

Uber Cup 2024 Final Results: Colored by African Score, Fadia/Ribka Defeat over Chen/Jia, Indonesia 0-2 China

Uber Cup 2024 final results: Indonesia again fell behind China with a score of 2-0, Sunday (5/5/2024).

Siti Fadia/Ribka Sugiarto sluggish when they met Chen QingChen/Jia Yi Fan and lost in straight sets with a score of 21-11, 21-8.

The defeat, which was marked by an African score, was indeed proof of China’s superiority through the silver medalists at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Chen/Jia .

Behind 2-0 from China, Indonesia is dependent on the third game in the 2024 Uber Cup final this time.

The third match features Ester Nurumi who will face another Chinese champion, He Bing Jiao.

Uber Cup 2024 Final Results: Colored by African Score, Fadia/Ribka Defeat over Chen/Jia, Indonesia 0-2 China

The Course of the Match

Fadia/Ribka were able to steal points at the start of the match and tried to take the lead first.

Unfortunately after that a flood of errors was made by both of them.

Starting from imperfect return of the cock, to less careful observation of the ball.

Chen/Jia, who had difficulties at the start, returned to their best moments.

Successfully controlling the course of the match with cross punches to drop shots, the points continued to increase.

In the first game interval, Chen/Jia were able to lead 11-7 over Fadia/Ribka .

Chen/Jia ‘s performance could not be blocked by Fadia/Ribka in the first game.

The way the Chinese envoy dominated the game was quite impressive.

Showing strong defense to be able to win the rally duel made China superior.

This is different from Fadia/Rebekah whose attacks can be said to be less effective.

Several times both of them tried to play at a fast tempo.

However, this is not supported by a strong defense.

As a result, Chen/Jia was able to immediately kill Fadia/Ribka ‘s attack quickly.

The first game was successfully completed by the Chinese pair sweetly.

Chen/Jia recorded a score of 21-11 and opened up hopes of contributing a second point for China.

In the second game, Fadia/Ribka had not returned to their best performance.

A flood of errors still colors the struggle between the two to get points.

Very different from the first game which kept trying to keep up with Chen/Jia’s game , both of them actually failed.

Both defense and attack effectiveness did not bear fruit when hunting for points.

Inevitably, Chen/Jia’s second game interval was dominant and powerful with a score of 11-4.

Junior Apriyani Rahayu was not able to escape the pressure in the second game.

In fact, it tends to be difficult to keep up with Chen/Jia ‘s game .

On the other hand, Chen/Jia cleverly played various attack patterns.

The drop shot and cross smash from the Chinese pair were very beautiful to win points.

So in the second game, both of them were far ahead with quite impressive scores.

Chen/Jia recorded a score of 17-7 and continued to lead the match.

Unable to do anything to reverse the situation, Fadia/Ribka had to acknowledge China’s superiority.

The final score of the second game was recorded at 21-8 by Chen/Jia over Rebekah/Fadia.

Score 2-0 for China’s lead over Indonesia in the Uber 2024 final.

Uber Cup 2024 Final Results China vs Indonesia

WS1 – Chen Yu Fei vs Gregoria Marista Tunjung, 21-7, 21-16

WD1 – Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan vs Siti Fadia/Ribka Sugiarto, 21-11, 21-8

WS2 – He Bing Jiao vs Ester Nurumi Tri Wardoyo

WD2 – Liu Sheng Shu/Zhang Shu Xian vs Lanny Tria Mayasari/Rachel Allessya Rose

WS3 – Han Yue vs Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi

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