Indonesian Representatives Asked to Be Ready to Be Tired at All England 2024

Indonesian Representatives Asked to Be Ready to Be Tired at All England 2024

Indonesian representatives who will compete at  All England 2024 are required to increase their fighting spirit every time they compete.

The Indonesian team held training at the Utilita Arena, Birmingham, England, Monday (11/3) morning local time. Fajar Alfian and his friends used approximately 90 minutes of training to adapt to field conditions ahead of the All England 2024, 12-17 March.

Apart from physical and technical factors, mental factors are the focus of the team to improve performance. The psychologist coordinator of the 2024 Paris Olympics ad hoc team, Lilik Sudarwati, who accompanied him, conveyed his strategy to foster a fighting spirit.

“Indeed, as stated by the Head of Binpres, Ricky Soebagdja, children’s fighting power must be increased,” said Lilik in a release received by

“So I try to convey to the children that in preparation for the All England, the first is that yesterday’s French Open was used as a lesson to look at the new tournament. In a match there will be winners and losers, that’s for sure, but we must have principles, namely that we play. “You must be prepared to be tired and even if you lose, your opponent must not win easily. Don’t give easy points,” explained Lilik.

Lilik said that in a match, the opponent you face is not only the opponent on the other side of the field but also yourself.

“In a match we don’t just fight those on the other side of the field but also against ourselves. Fighting ourselves is the most difficult,” said Lilik.

“But for our elite level of players, I’m sure they already have their own standards for how to deal with complex dynamics in a match. I’m just reminding them of this so that they can come out on the field,” he continued.

Lilik, who is also a former badminton player, advised children to take a break when the match is not going the way they want.

“Indeed, taking a break is important when what we want doesn’t work. This is what children sometimes forget,” said Lilik.

“Taking a break can restore focus and calm. The method varies depending on the situation and conditions on the field. This is what I also remind both players and coaches.”

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