Coach Regrets Retiring Marcus Gideon, Kevin Sanjaya’s Future Has Been Decided

Coach Regrets Retiring Marcus Gideon, Kevin Sanjaya's Future Has Been Decided

Marcus Fernaldi Gideon announced his decision to hang up his racket via a post on Instagram on March 9.

This day also coincides with the 33rd birthday of the player who is familiarly called Sinyo.

Thank You God for these 33 years !” wrote Marcus in the upload caption.

“Today, at the age of 33, I have decided to quit my professional badminton career. I can’t believe it has been 25 years of non-stop training and competing on the court.”

“I express my gratitude to the Lord Jesus who has worked in my life, without Him I might not be where I am today.”

“When I was little, even my teachers thought I was ‘madesu’ or my future was bleak, considered one-eyed because of my low body posture and even my performance could be said to be ‘normal’ when compared to my other friends.”

“I realize that I am here today only because of God’s grace. I am grateful to my partners; the late (Markis) Kido @markis_kido11, Kevin (Sanjaya Sukamuljo) @kevin_sanjaya, etc.”

“At that time we were having discussions. Indeed, Marcus had said he wanted to stop,” said Aryono.

“However, what I didn’t expect was that he immediately announced it on social media,” said Aryono to the media, including at the Cipayung national training ground, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/4/2024).

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