Indah Cahya, Once a Junior World Champion, Amri Syahnawi is Confident in Playing Together

Indah Cahya, Once a Junior World Champion, Amri Syahnawi is Confident in Playing Together

Indonesian mixed doubles specialist badminton playerAmri Syahnawi, is happy to be playing in tandem with Indah Cahya Sari Jamil. He is sure that his duet with Indah will have sweet results because of Indah’s status as the 2018 world junior champion.

Since dropping to senior level, Indah’s name has indeed gone downhill. Even though he has the title of junior world champion, the player from Makassar never shines and often changes partners.

Indah Cahya Sari Jamil

Now, in 2024, Indah is duetting with one of the senior players in the mixed doubles national training squad, namely Amri. Previously, Amri was paired with Winny Oktavina Kandow who decided to resign from national training.

Amri himself welcomed the coach’s decision to unite himself with Indah. Because, Indah’s status as world junior champion gives her more confidence on the field.

“Actually, there’s no burden. Just because Indah has been a world junior champion, it might increase my confidence on the field,” said Amri when met at the PBSI Cipayung national training ground.

“Because I honestly need players who are brave, who are reckless. I see that Indah has that. So it actually makes me confident on the field,” he continued.

So far, the two of them are quite compatible with each other. Even though they have just been paired, during training Amri/Indah have already gotten to know each other’s style of play on the field.

“More or less it fits, but sometimes there are still holes, you also have to remind the coach behind you. But, if you memorize it (the style of play) it’s already connected,” explained Amri.

Meanwhile, talking about targets, both of them hope to get the championship title as quickly as possible. Both are scheduled to debut at the Vietnam International Challenge (12-17 March 2024) and the Thailand International Challenge (19-24 March 2024).

“We want to win, but step by step,” said Indah.

“Try your best, but the target is to win. Personally, I want to rank in the top 50 first so I can play in Super 100 300, but then when I get in, the target will be different,” concluded Amri.

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