French Open: Flying 20 Hours, Indonesian Badminton Team Immediately Practices

French Open: Flying 20 Hours, Indonesian Badminton Team Immediately Practices

The Indonesian badminton team  chose to train straight away after flying 20 hours from Indonesia to France to prepare to appear at the 2024 French Open .

Instead of resting, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and his friends underwent light training. The plan was for the training to be carried out in an open field located at the training camp location at Chateau de Maffliers, Chambly, but the location was moved indoors because of the drizzle.

Choosing to do exercise after arriving is to restore stiff muscles after being on the plane for a long period of time, and to avoid jetlag .

“After a long journey, with a total transit of approximately 20 hours, the body will definitely be stiff and sore. Today’s training focuses on conditioning, so tomorrow when we start the training program in preparation for the tournament, the condition will be better,” said PP’s physical trainer. PBSI Yansen Alpine.

“Apart from that, exercise was chosen as a filler activity to reduce the effects of jetlag that hit. This effect must be eliminated immediately, sleeping hours must be adjusted to the hours here which are six hours different from Jakarta so as not to disturb the days ahead,” he explained, adding as quoted from PBSI release.

Indonesian players underwent light training such as jogging and multilateral movements.

“After discussing it with the coach, we agreed to start training straight away. Because if you stay in the room you will definitely feel sleepy and you have to force yourself not to sleep. Sleep later at night as an adjustment to the clock,” said Fajar.

“Just a little conditioning. We started jogging but because of the drizzling rain we moved indoors for agility training,” he explained.

The 2024 French Open tournament will take place on March 5-10.

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