The Internet is a Computer Network, This is its Definition And History

The Internet is a Computer Network, This is its Definition And History

Modern human life cannot be separated from the internet network. Because, the internet is a network system that can connect one device to another.

The Internet is a global system of all computer networks that are interconnected using the Internet Protocol Suite standards . Apart from computers, currently the internet can also connect various kinds of devices and serve billions of users throughout the world.

The existence of the internet allows someone to search for the information they want. For example, looking for the latest news or accessing streaming services to watch their favorite drama series. This is also related to the understanding of the internet as an open global communication network.

The internet is proof of technological sophistication. The internet can have a positive or negative impact depending on the user. The internet has become the main component that supports the activities of modern society today.

Further, below is a summary of the meaning of the internet according to experts and the benefits of the internet. See the complete discussion below.

Understanding the Internet

Literally, the meaning of the internet is a collection of computers throughout the world connected into a network. The internet can be analogous to a large library that contains various kinds of information that society needs.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the internet is an electronic communications network that connects computer networks with computer facilities throughout the world. This network is structured and organized via telephone or satellite.

Meanwhile, according to figure and expert in the field of information technology, Onno W. Purbo, the internet is a medium that allows a communication process to run efficiently by connecting devices to various applications.

According to Allan, quoted from the educational and learning  platform , the internet is a computer network that has the ability to read and decipher Internet Protocol (IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).

Another opinion suggests that the internet is part of a computer network. Referring to the book Easy Ways to Build a Computer & Internet Network , a computer network is a system consisting of components, devices and other networks that work together for the same purpose. A small example is when a computer can be connected to other electronic devices simultaneously such as printers, photocopiers, and so on.

In the book Information and Communication Technology (2017) published by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the term internet comes from the Latin inter, which means “between”. If seen word by word, the definition of the internet is a network between or links. In simple terms, the internet is a network of millions of computers throughout the world, connected using the TCP/IP protocol.

The internet provides all information. Everything can be accessed by everyone. The form is in the form of writing, images and other multimedia formats. The existence of the internet cannot be separated from the development of computer history. Because, from the first generation of computers until now, all machine components inspired the birth of the internet.

From all the explanations above, it can be concluded that the internet is a network that connects computer devices throughout the world. In it, users can search for information about various things they want.

The Beginning of the Creation of the Internet Network

The function of the internet is to connect one computer to another computer. The network coverage is so wide that it reaches various parts of the world.

Known as the largest technological network in the world, everyone can send and access various kinds of information using the Internet Protocol (IP) standard. This is made easier by the presence of the world wide web (www) network service.

The internet has such a long history that its existence cannot be separated from human life. A summary of the history of the internet can be traced to the formation of the ARPA agency in the United States around 1969. At that time, a computer network was formed and given the name ARPANET.

The ARPANET network continues to be developed. Until the 1980s, this network could connect well-known universities in the United States, although only a limited circle of people had access.

The development of the internet continues to run along with the increasingly rapid development of technology and computers. After the launch of the TCP/IP protocol standard, the United States then formed a research agency that replaced the role of ARPANET called the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) in 1986. At that time a number of international networks from several countries began to connect via NSFNET services.

Based on the explanation in the book Information and Communication Technology (2017), starting in 1992 software called Viola was released by Pei Wei. This software can access “www.” services.

In 1993, a computer system that was connected directly to the internet network had to have a domain name and IP address in the form of numeric symbols and a certain format as an identifier. On that basis, InterNIC was established to run domain name registration services.

From that time until now, the internet network has continued to progress. Not only connecting computers, now the internet network is part of the means of communication to connect various kinds of devices with advanced technology.

Benefits of Internet Networks

The internet is an electronic network that has various uses and benefits for modern society. The following are a number of benefits that can be taken from an internet network:


The benefit of the internet is that it can provide a variety of information needed by everyone. This can happen because the internet connects a number of devices in the world that support the exchange of data and information.

One can obtain information by surfing the internet. He only needs to enter keywords in a search engine to get this information.


The internet is a computer network that can be used as a means of entertainment. This network supports various forms of files ranging from writing, photos, videos, to audio for uploading and sharing.

Supporting Facilities for Economic Activities

Nowadays economic activities are not only carried out conventionally. More than that, the presence of the internet has opened up opportunities for anyone to carry out economic activities.

For example, the presence of e-commerce makes it easier for users to search for and buy the items they want. Then there are also content creators who can monetize and reap big profits from various social media platforms .

Education and Culture

The internet can be a means of obtaining information that has educational value. Because, a lot of research, books, or the like are shared on the internet. So users can download it and use it as a reference.

The internet is a network of interconnected computers. Its existence really helps human activities in almost all fields.

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